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100/180 banana shape nail file (pack of 25 pcs)

100/180 banana shape nail file (pack of 25 pcs)


Aba Group disposable nail file, dedicated to professional use, allow you to quickly and easily model the shape and length of the nail plate.


Product specification:

Gradation: 100/180
Thickness: Standard
Version: 25 pieces


Aba Group files are made from the highest quality materials exclusively from the EU with non-toxic, dermatologically tested adhesives for production.

Aba Group files do not show any irritating or allergenic properties. This has been laboratory tested and confirmed with a dermatological report.

Files are coated with stearate, which prevents the file from "clogging up" during work.

All abrasive products manufactured by Aba Group are CE marked, which means that they meet all the requirements of EU directives, as well as that they have been subjected to appropriate conformity assessment procedure, completed with a positive assessment.

Aba Group files have the following certificates:

European Safety Certificate.
Certificate - European guarantee of the highest quality.
Certificate - European quality leader.

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