BioLift by Lucas Cosmetics

The procedure is caring for the hairs and gives the eyelashes an expressive bend. Can be used to lift eyelashes and eyebrows.

For professional use only.

Remember always to path test 24h prior.

The effect after the BioLift is kept from a month to two.


The kit BioLift includes: 4 compositions, glue for curling, silicone rolls (5 pairs), applicator (3pcs). 1 Step (Perm)- softens the hairs, prepares for the next stage of the procedure of the biocoal. 2 Step (Fixation)- fixes the hairs, creating a bend. 3 Step (Nutrition)- nourishes the hair and cares for them. The main component of this composition is collagen. 4 Step (Cleanser)- cleans the hairs and removes the remnants of funds.