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E-file diamond drill bit - set of 10

E-file diamond drill bit - set of 10


Stainless steel, finished with a non-abrasive diamond grit, allows effective work with calluses and troublesome cuticles. In addition, diamond bits perfectly (and quickly) remove the varnish, and also shape the nail plate. They also allow you to clean your nails from underneath.

For professional use.


Use the set for:

  • removal of gel polish, gel or acrylic,
  • cuticle removal and nail grinding (cone and ball cutters)
  • cleaning nails from the bottom,
  • removal of keratinized periungual shafts (small cone and crevice)


Application: e-file machines for manicure and pedicure

Color: silver

Gradation: Coarse

10pcs diamond bits per 1 set

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