Gel Polish UV/LED Top Coat

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Capacity: 8 ml

For professional use.


Infinity Top is a revolutionary, durable top, which together with Infinity Base creates a solid hybrid system. It gives the nails an ideal shine, especially after first removing the dispersion layer with Lart Cleaner. Since Infinity Top does not get yellow, it is highly recommended for French Manicure and light, pastel shades, making it an ideal choice for summer. It does not have an intense, irritating smell. Infinity Top is highly adhesive and is compatible with UV and LED lamps.

1. Before you start, remember to disinfect your hands– wash your palms, disinfect them, and if you’re doing a manicure on a client, remember about gloves. Safety comes first!
2. Use a rosewood stick or a metal chisel to gently, yet accurately, push the cuticles aside. Use a nail clipper if necessary.
3. Using a LART 40/180 grit nail file give the nails their final shape. Gently smoothen the nail plate with a buffer block, paying extra attention to the nail walls.
4. Remove the dust with a brush and wipe off the oily film. If necessary, use the LART No Acid Primer (if the
customer has got a problematic nail plate). Remember about applying only a thin layer of the Primer on the natural nail plate, and not on the cuticles. Wait for it to evaporate for about 30 seconds.
5. Apply a thin layer of Infinity Base/Easy Off Base to secure and to even the natural nail plate, and to enhance the durability of the hybrid manicure. Remember about securing the free edge of the nail.
6. Cure under a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes / 48W LED lamp for 30 seconds
7. Apply two very thin layers of the desired LART color. Each of the layers must be cured under a UV lamp for 30 seconds. In case of the more difficult colors,such as pastel or neon, it might be necessary to add an extra, also very thin, third layer. Cure under a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes/ 48W LED lamp for 30 seconds
8. Apply a thin layer of Infinity Top to give the nails a beautiful lasting shine and a natural look. Remember about securing of the free edge of the nail. Cure under a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes/ 48W LED lamp for 30 seconds.
9. After application of the last layer, wait about 30 seconds, then wipe the nail plate with the LART Cleaner and apply nourishing oil onto the cuticles.

We recommend using Infinity Base, which, together with Infinity Top, creates a very durable hybrid system
*Cure under a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes/ 48W LED lamp for 30 seconds

There are several reasons why Lart hybrid nail polish may ripple or peel off easily:
• Product was cured improperly (UV/LED light power not strong enough, or curing time too short).
• Too much nail polish on the nail – each applied layer should be very thin.
• Easy peeling off of the product might be caused by insufficient protection of the nail edge.
• If a nail was not prepared properly, was not cleaned from the oily film, or was not smoothed, then the lifting of the hybrid manicure from the nail plate may occur
• Client must hold her hand steadily under the lamp. The thumb must also be placed inside the lamp.
TIP: Thumbs should be cured separately.