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Latex sponges (for make-up and ombre nails), 8pcs

Latex sponges (for make-up and ombre nails), 8pcs


Latex ombre and makeup sponges, pink, 8pcs


Synthetic latex cosmetic sponge for applying foundation and fluid, or creating ombre nails. The sponge allows for precise and even distribution of the cosmetic while minimizing the contact of the hand with the skin of the face, reducing the risk of infection. For better results, moisten the sponge slightly with water before use. After use, the sponge should be thoroughly washed and allowed to dry.

The sponge is also suitable for creating a perfect ombre effect on gel and gel polish nails, just trim the sponge to our needs, and its compact structure will help create a smooth color transition on the nails.


Latex does not absorb the product like cheaper substitutes, so you save!

The set includes: 8 pcs, which you can freely cut! They will last a long time. Their triangular shape allows you to reach any place, creating a perfect structure.

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