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Perfect French - CLEAR

Perfect French - CLEAR


Perfect French - CLEAR 15ml/50ml

- single-phase gel - reduces the time and amount of products used

- consistency of self-leveling jelly

- ideal for the technique without sawing

- perfect for beginners - thanks to its self-leveling properties, it greatly facilitates the construction of nails

- does not expand when the tunnel is tightened

- works perfectly with the natural nail plate, which prevents it from breaking and chipping

- does not turn yellow, discolour and does not fade

- thanks to the single-phase formula and excellent self-leveling properties, which enable construction without sawing, it significantly speeds up the work of professional stylists

Name: Perfect French CLEAR

Color: clear

Consistency: thick, self-leveling

Cured in a LED lamp, UV 45sec

Suitable for: extension, reinforcement


Available in capacities: 15ml 50ml

For professional use


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