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A very strong tip glue with quick formula for bonding surfaces together. Its innovative composition will gently adjust the structure of the tips and make it more flexible to such an extent that it will perfectly adhere to the natural nail.

Very thin texture for precise, comfortable use. A bottle with a brush is a guarantee of using the entire contents of the bottle to the end without premature drying or sticking the bottle with the cap!

Extremely durable nail glue with a transparent color, thanks to which you can perfectly control your work and its progress! A large capacity of up to 10g - it is also a saving for you!


For professional use.

Directions for use:

Apply a small amount of the product on a natural nail or directly on the tips and gently press it to the place where you want to stick the artificial nail. Press down on the product and wait a while for the glue to set well.


Attention! You can also attach precise decorations such as rhinestones or jewelry with glue! However, remember to do it without using too much product.

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