WAX HEATER, single can

WAX HEATER, single can


Heater for wax in a can

Wax heater YH001 AlleWax white 500 ml

Professional device for preparing wax in a can for the depilation treatment. The product fits perfectly with 500 ml cans. The operation of the device is easy and intuitive, it allows you to select the optimal temperature for a specific type of preparation. The small dimensions and white color will perfectly match the decor of a beauty salon. The product guarantees full safety and comfort of use.



Heating waxes in a 500 ml can, preparation of wax for the depilation treatment.

Material: plastic

Power: 100W

Power supply: 230 v

Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Weight: 1 kg

White color


height 130 mm
width 180 mm
length 180 mm


For professional use.


Directions for use:

Put the can into the heater and heat it until it is completely warmed up. Set the highest temperature, connect to the power supply, then the red light turns on. A few minutes later the red light turns green and the wax is ready for use. The temperature should not be too high for safety reasons. The amount of wax put into the heater should be as required.

Before applying the wax to the skin, check its temperature! Very hot wax can cause burns! Apply warm wax to the skin with a spatula. Stick the patch and then vigorously tear it against the grain. After the treatment, remove the wax residue with oil and apply a post-epilation balm.


ATTENTION! Always check the wax temperature before use. Very hot wax can cause burns!