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  • Why do white particles appear on the nail?
    The main reason is the bad proportion between liquid formulations and powders. Aplication for a small ammount of Gel Base and too slow dipping of the nail in the powder cause the nail remains an excess of powder which is later visible in the form of white particles. Another reason may be how we shook off the client`s finger. Shaking horizontally raises French White powder particles that are spread over the entire plate. How this can be prevented? Apply the right ammount of Gel Base and dip the nails at the right angle (perpendicular to the powder). Make sure that the nail is vertically down during shaking.
  • Why do the nails become aerated after a week after applying the product?
    There are many reasons. The nail plate should be properly prepared, do not use softeners for cuticles. During application don`t apply any preparations (Gel Base, Gelous Base, Gel Top) on the skins. The nail should be styled very carefully and remember to protect the free edge of the nail with Gel Top.
  • Why the nails turn yellow after three weeks?
    Dirty gel was used (Gel Base, Sealer, Gel top). How this can be prevented? If you notice dirt in the bottle don`t use the product while French (only for working with colored powder). For customers who overly tan or smoke tobacco products we should use a powder that prevents yellowing (sunscreen)
  • Why Gel Top is not shiny?
    A too thick and uneven layer of gel top was applyed.
  • Why the Gel Top brush is hard?
    The first layer of Gel Top was applied very slowly and the brush was not wiped during application.
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